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We are dedicated to making cakes that are both moist and flavorful.



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Our Cakes

All of our cakes are frosted and decorated with precision.

Our Cakes

Cakes are made from scratch using only quality ingredients. Every cake is uniquely designed and decorated with a precise attention to detail based on our client’s specifications.

Dairy in a bite
Moist milk chocolate cake filled with rich milk chocolate Bavarian cream

Vava Voom Vanilla (Double Vanilla) or The Double V
Moist French Vanilla Cake filled with rich vanilla Bavarian cream

Double Trouble
Rich Chocolate cake filled with

The Almighty Carrot Cake
Extra moist carrot cake filled with white chocolate cream

Banana Cake
Banana cake filled with chunky peanut butter mousseline

Fun Strawberry Cake
Strawberry cake filled with white chocolate mousseline or rich milk chocolate buttercream

Coconut cake
Coconut cake with cream cheese crème

Choc Chip
Mouth-watering chocolate chip cake filled with blueberry Bavarian or vanilla Ba

Berries Delight
Mixed berry cake with delicious Dulce de leche crème or Milk chocolate mousseline

Minty C
Chocolate cake with mint Choco chip Bavarian cream


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Our sumptuous cakes are a labor of love. They are made from scratch using only the finest ingredients and extracts.

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